Shinka Goshin Ryu Bugei

Shinka Goshin Ryu is an eclectic modern martial art focused on the holistic development of the individual through the integration of mind, body, and spirit. It combines elements from various traditional martial arts with contemporary self-defense techniques and weapons training. Emphasizing continuous personal growth, Shinka Goshin Ryu is not merely a physical discipline but a comprehensive way of life, promoting well-being and personal evolution through the warrior arts.

I.C.E. Personal Defense

Interrupt, Control, Escape. This is the key concept in our modern self-defense training. Learn how to recognize dangerous situations, how they can escalate, and how to de-escalate and escape through proven techniques and the Eight Principles of Self-Defense.   

Fire Arms Proficiency Training

We offer pistol, rifle, and shotgun use and safety training. Certified through the State of NC Dept of Justice and PPSB, the NRA, and the USCCA; we only offer the best in instruction with an emphasis on helping add educated and safety conscience owners into the public.     

NC Concealed Carry Classes

We offer the required classes you need to apply for your NC Concealed Carry Handgun permit. Certified through NC-DOJ, USCCA, and NRA. 

Mass/Active Shooter Response Training

We offer individual and group/company courses on how to plan for and respond to a mass/active shooter situation. Certified through Troysgate and the USCCA. 

Home Invasion Prevention and Response Training

Do you know how to respond to a home invasion? Tactically? Legally? 

Our course will teach you how to become a hardened target and how to properly react if you are ever threatened in your own home.