Our Master Instructor

 Founder and Current Head Master

For over three decades, Mr. Silver has immersed himself in the world of combat arms, self-defense, and martial arts. A proud U.S. Army Veteran and former member of the esteemed 82nd Airborne, he has continued to sharpen his skills through a blend of traditional and modern martial arts, self-defense, and survivalist training.  After his military tours, he become a professional security and fire arms trainer, earning certifications through the NC PPSB, NC Dept. of Justice, the NRA, and as a Active/Mass Shooter response and prevention instructor through Troy’s Gate and USCCA.  

Mr. Silver is devoted to refining the human heart, mind, and spirit. His exploration of philosophy, human culture, history, and spirituality underscores a commitment to holistic personal development.  

As a perpetual student, Mr. Silver continues to study under some of today’s foremost instructors in self-defense and martial arts. This ongoing pursuit of knowledge feeds his training programs, ensuring they are dynamic and effective in helping individuals reach their full potential.

Explore the Warrior Arts and embark on a journey of comprehensive personal development.